April 26, 2017

Brisbane's bustling bar scene

 I’m Jeanne, Bar Supervisor of GourmetBar @ Novotel Brisbane and I have been living in Brisbane for 8 years.

Naturally I’ll recommend you pay a visit to us where my team and I can offer you a signature cocktail, a great meal, or just a relaxed evening. However, if you are looking at getting out and experiencing Brisbane, here are a few of my favourite spots (which happen to have won some recent awards).

The Gresham: bar of the year 2016 for the second consecutive year in a row.  This bar has some of the best bartenders in Brisbane.   The venue is housed in a late Victorian sandstone building with vintage decor and a fireplace. The main bar impresses with a wall of scotch and a range of other spirits. Open until 3am, a plus if you’re after a late one.

Cobbler: Best small bar of the year 2016.  The bartenders are genuine with an abundance of knowledge about whiskies where they boast over 400.

For a novel experience I’d recommend Dutch Courage: a plantation style bar inspired by the invention of Gin and Tonic, which uniquely they serve in teapots.  They also host cocktail training, gin appreciation classes, along with a board game and beer night every Tuesday.

Lefty's Old Time Music Hall: best live music bar 2016 and I would have to agree 100% on this. A grand room, which has the look of a ballroom from an old technicolor western movie - Dark leather, dark timber, scarlet velvet drapes, mounted animals, chandeliers, giant mirrors and candle-lit booths. As well as spirits mixed with freshly juiced apple and never-ending free popcorn. 

Written by: Jeanne, Bar Supervisor of GourmetBar 

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