August 31, 2018

A Buzz is Brewing at Novotel Brisbane - Novotel Brisbane Announces Exclusive New Beer Partnership

Novotel Brisbane is excited to announce the launch of our very own Hive Lager!

Sourcing its fantastic honey flavour from our very own rooftop bee hives, the partnership between Hive and Harvest and Red Bay Brewery is sure to have the Brisbane brewing scene BUZZING!!

Available at GourmetBar, Hive Lager delivers a rich and full-flavoured body without the expected sugary hit. Finishing boldly with a rich yet perfectly balanced malt drive by a hint of delicious floral honey, Hive Beer is preservative free and immensely drinkable.

Red Bay Brewery is one of the original independent breweries in Brisbane with over 30 years of experience brewing “more than just exceptional beer.” Located in Brisbane’s southern suburb of Cleveland, the brewery uses all locally sourced ingredients from Australia and New Zealand. Red Bay Brewery shares AccorHotel’s passion for sustainability, with initiatives like their 27KW Solar power system powering their operations. The brewery is known for crafting an impressive range of outstanding beers including Pale Ales, Pilsners, Stouts, Lagers, Ales and IPAs. Red Bay Brewery also boasts an exotic range of fruit based brewed drinks, including the refreshing 5% ABV ‘Electric Lemonade’ and the tantalizing 3.8% ABV ‘Lime, Lemongrass & Chilli Ginger Beer.’

Visit Red Bay Brewery’s website to see the full range, and to find out more information.

Hive and Harvest produce delicious, high quality honey, sourced from bee hives which we host on our very own rooftop! You can find out more about Hive and Harvest on their website.

The launch of Hive Lager is creating a real buzz around Novotel Brisbane as we are so excited to bee taking another step towards our sustainability commitment in accordance with AccorHotels Planet 21 program.

Hive Lager is the first beverage developed exclusively for Novotel Brisbane, and we are extremely excited to be delivering this local brew into Brisbane’s already exceptional and exciting craft beer scene.

Visit GourmetBar and taste our exclusively brewed Hive Lager, today!