February 22, 2016

Bodhi Del Mar

You don’t have to go to the Museum to see fantastic art. Why not take a stroll up Creek Street to the Novotel Brisbane to view the new art installation.

Located on level one, Bodhi Del Mar has taken over the conference floor with an inspiring Watercolour Collection. The collection combines traditional watercolour and digital painting techniques from the northern tip of Australia, to Indonesia and the United States of America.

With only 25 copies of each piece these really are special. But what makes Bodhi’s work so inspiring is her pledge to the local community. She has promised to donate 15% of the sale from each photograph taken back to the local region from where it was taken. This generous act is one of the main reasons that Bodhi caught Novotel’s attention. Being such a large company and with our own fundraising and community projects her work resonates with us and ties in with our values.

Another interesting point of difference with Bodhi’s work is the pay what you want print. Yes, you heard right. One of her most popular prints, the Watercolour XIII is a beautiful image of an elephant that was photographed on her trip to Bali covered in a colourful tattoo collage. The reasoning behind this offer is to bridge the gap between the exclusivity of the rest of the collection to the affordability of the Watercolour XIII. 

So what are you waiting for? Come on in to view the collection today!