InBalance Meetings


Inbalance Meetings at Novotel Brisbane are designed to take
care of the body and mind of each participant, providing the
platform to achieve great meeting outcomes.

Inbalance Spaces

  • From the initial arrival experience each participant will feel more inspired to personally engage and contribute to the meeting agenda.

Plan and Connect

  • InBalance Meetings provide a comfortable, flexible space that can adapt to almost any type of meeting. Unique room set ups include a mini bar fridge with bottled water, a break out pod for small group work, magnetic glass writing board and flipcharts to capture ideas and fitballs and yoga mats to facilitate a relaxed environment, also used as props for the timeout sessions.

Nurture Yourself

  • A Nurture Yourself menu has been curated by renowned nutritionist Michele Chevalley-Hedge. Meals are made with a balance of protein and carbohydrates along with wake up balanced morning tea options and afternoon tea pick me up options.


  • Renew energy with our time out activities. Options include a virtual head to toe 12 minute yoga stretch, virtual 20 minute audio-visual meditainment experience and a local area map to go for a walk/jog.

Health and Wellbeing

  • Novotel provides the ideal setting for a high performance health and wellbeing conference experience. Choose to incorporate personal training sessions, nutrition workshops, team building with BeChallenged and a 30 minute work-out routine from Novotel Wellness Ambassador, Sally Fitzgibbons.

To learn more about InBalance by Novotel or to arrange
an appointment to view our InBalance meeting rooms
please contact our conference and events team:

P: 07 3237 2320 or E: